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Three cores of business

IT Infrastructure Distribution Business

While keeping the highest consideration for our customers first policy and for community-oriented sales, we will provide valuable contributions to the entire IT distribution supply chain and will aim for further business expansion.

With domestic corporations showing strong corporate profits, the IT market in this term shifted toward a gradual recovery of demand. In this fiscal year, the market is predicted to experience small yet positive growth, and a certain level of demand for IT investments is anticipated.

Amidst such conditions, our business will focus on its “customers first policy” and on carrying out “community-oriented activities,” contributing to the entire IT distribution supply chain and aiming to deeply cultivate the demand in the IT market. We will also continue to place emphasis on sales of PCs and other terminal devices including smartphones and tablets, and on providing more advanced products such as network devices, virtual software, storage equipment, and network cameras. At the same time, we will strengthen our efforts toward fields expected to experience growth, such as telecommunications, cloud services, subscription-type businesses, and the educational market, in order to strive for further business expansion.

While thoroughly implementing low-cost operations and promoting higher efficiency, we will establish systems able to ensure sustainable growth and stable profits. This will allow us to move toward further advancement in the future, and to provide valuable contributions to the development of our information society.

Fiber Business

By building global alliances, we will strive to achieve competitive superiority, cultivate new markets, and improve execution speed, for greater business growth.

The textile business in this term showed strong performance overall, proceeding with reforms to its business structure including reorganization of its overseas production bases, and planning for improvements in profitability by concentrating management resources in growing fields.

In this fiscal year, the Synthetic Fibers Division will respond to strong demand in the sanitary material and building material markets by reinforcing its domestic factory production lines and proceeding with alliance strategies, while also applying its production bases in Indonesia and taking action to increase business in Asian regions. Additionally, the Rayon Division will strive to widen its business areas, strengthening its development of high added-value materials and developing its downstream strategies by Group collaboration. Furthermore, the Functional Materials Division will focus on the growth of businesses engaged in local production for local consumption in ASEAN regions, by establishing sales and product development systems suited to customer needs while coordinating with domestic and overseas production and sales bases. Meanwhile, in the Clothing Products Division, development and sales of functional materials will be advanced through Group cooperation and academic-industrial collaboration, while concurrent measures to develop business will be promoted, with overseas sales by Daiwabo Hong Kong Co., Limited treated as a revenue base.

Industrial Machinery Business

Creating customer needs and deeply cultivating solution businesses, for active global deployment to the North American market.

In the industrial machinery business for this term, the Automatic Machinery Division together with the aviation and railway fields of the Machine Tools Division showed steadily strong performance. However, sales decreased overall due to the cautious stance being taken toward capital investments, reflecting the sense of unease felt in foreign economies.

In this fiscal year, the Machine Tools Division will actively invest management resources into the U.S., a region predicted to experience growth, and will strive to expand the business operations of its U.S. sales subsidiaries. At our main Nagaoka Factory, we will make efforts to promote improvements in quality, cost, and delivery times, while also introducing equipment such as thermostatic chambers and 3-dimensional measuring equipment. These measures will increase added value for products in order to create customer needs and thoroughly cultivate solution businesses. Furthermore, with the goal of accelerating global deployment, steps will be taken to increase customer familiarization with the O-M brand by actively participating in domestic and overseas exhibitions, and working toward aggressive sales growth with the U.S. considered a key market. Meanwhile, the Automatic Machinery Division will solidify its business foundations, striving to expand sales in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food products, and confections, which have high domestic investor interest, as well as the pharmaceuticals market of China. Development of new products will also be promoted together with Group companies.

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