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Brief history of the company

April 1941.Daiwabo established, having head office in Osaka, by merging of four
companies: Kinka Boseki, Hinode Boseki, Izumo Boseki and Wakayama
May 1949.Listed on stock markets in Tokyo
July 1949.Daiwa Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.(now a O-M Ltd.)established.
March 1964.Polypro plant newly built in Harima Factory.
June1971.P.T. Primatexco Indonesia established.
June1971.Daiwashizai Co., Ltd.(now a Daiwabo Progress Co., Ltd.)established.
September 1971.Kirishima Kokusai Hotel opened.
April 1982.Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. established.
February 1988.Daiwabo Rayon Co., Ltd. established.
March 1994.Daiwabo Polytec Co., Ltd. established.
October 1994.Suzhou Daiwa Knitting and Garment Co.,Ltd. established in China.
January 1998.P.T. Daiwabo Industrial Fabrics Indonesia(D.I.I.) established.
January 2002.Daiwabo Advanced Co., Ltd. established.
January 2004.Management integrated with Kanbo Pras Corporation
October 2005.Daiwabo Industries (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. established in China.
December 2005.Daiwabo Associe Co., Ltd. established.
January 2006.Company divided. All business divisions succeeded by Daiwabo Neu,
Daiwabo Progress Co., Ltd., Daiwabo Polytec Co., Ltd.,
and Daiwabo Estate Co., Ltd., operating as pure holding companies.
January 2007.P.T. Daiwabo Sheetec Indonesia(D.S.I.) established.
April 2009.Management integrated with Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
July 2009.Tradename changed to Daiwabo Holdings Co., Ltd.
July 2009.Daiwabo Co., Ltd. established as intermediate holding company.
March 2011.P.T. Daiwabo Garment Indonesia (D.A.I.) established.
July 2011. Management integrated with O-M Ltd.
March 2012.Daiwabo Hong Kong Co.,Limited established.
December 2012.P.T. Daiwabo Nonwoven Indonesia (D.N.I.) established.