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Three cores of business

IT Infrastructure Distribution Business

Creating markets and increasing demand by accurately responding to needs for IT as its field of application expands

While placing an emphasis on businesses that focus on PCs and other terminal devices, we will work with manufacturers and sales partners to create new markets and increase demand by accurately responding to changes in the market.

As more and more software products move to the cloud to keep in step with the growing subscription services, we will zero in on enhancing service and support for iKAZUCHI, our license contract management system, as we accelerate efforts to market it through our nationwide sales network. At the same time we will concentrate on offering information and communications technology solutions targeting the education market, where demand is expected to grow.

As Japan's leading distributor equipped with community-based sales and multi-vendor, one-stop service capabilities, we continue to leverage our strengths to help take the Japanese IT market to new heights.

Fiber Business

Working toward sharpening the Group’s competitive edge through restructuring and reallocation of resources

The Synthetic Fibers and Rayon Divisions will step up efforts to provide functional materials for sanitary and cosmetics applications and increase sales of high value-added products while cultivating markets for our unique rayon products with biodegradable features both in Japan and overseas, all with an eye to boosting profitability. The Industrial Material Division will work to capture demand generated by the Tokyo Olympics while responding to the needs of new customers with filter-related as well as civil engineering and construction materials. At the same time the division will strive to expand sales of strategic materials in overseas markets. The Clothing Products Division will enhance sales of its differentiated products through R&D and solution-based marketing with a focus on functional materials and other proprietary products as it leverages overseas production sites to establish a new business model based on the fiber strategy in order to increase profits.

Industrial Machinery Business

Boosting production efficiency, passing on skills, and enhancing customer satisfaction for our 70th anniversary

The Machine Tools Division will replace old machines with the latest models to increase production efficiency while boosting its technical expertise through training designed to pass on skills, all with an eye to improving efficiency and transforming itself into a profitable division.

The Automatic Machinery Division will continue to respond to demands for labor-saving solutions.

Working to strengthen our operating foundation, we will make design proposals to major customers in Japan that will enable us to enhance services and increase customer satisfaction. In overseas markets, we will cooperate with local dealers at U.S. trade fairs in order to expand the scope of our operations. While enhancing our service capabilities in China, we will build up our reputation as a provider of high value-added machines to the market and expand our operations there. On top of all that we will also work to create new business opportunities through the application of AI and IoT as well as joint research and development initiatives with academia.

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