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Representative Director, President Chief Executive Managing Officer Yoshihiro Nogami

The core organization of the Daiwabo Group is the listed holding company “Daiwabo Holdings Co., Ltd.” This company implements the growth strategy for the Group with a group management system that is based around the three companies of “Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.,” which develops our IT infrastructure distribution business, “Daiwabo Co., Ltd.,” which supervises our fiber business companies and “O-M Ltd.,” which develops our industrial machinery business.

In the IT infrastructure distribution business, we are one of the largest independent IT distributors in Japan. With our basic policy of putting the customer first and taking a community-based approach, we use our nationwide network of sales bases and our sales control system and work in cooperation with our business partners to extend sales of a great variety of terminal devices. We are also actively taking on the challenges to advance into high growth market sectors such as mobile devices and cloud computing.
Our fiber business delivers original functional materials and products to the customers. This is made possible by our original technologies, which are based on strong development capabilities that are derived from the quality Japanese materials. It is also realized through our Group cooperation strategy to effectively use the research bases, production foundations and sales systems we have both in Japan and overseas.

In our industrial machinery business, one main line of business is machine tools. We respond flexibly and quickly to the requirements of the customers for these tools with “craftsmanship” that utilizes our knowledge and skill, which is based on many years of proven results. This response is also made possible by the effective management of our production and sales bases both in Japan and overseas. In particular, we have received vary favorable evaluations in the field of vertical lathes due to our highly specialist and careful manufacturing using original technologies.

The Daiwabo Group will continue to follow the Group’s management philosophy of “To create new values for the benefit of customers in the global market by synergy of creation, renovation and fusion, and to realize a future useful for human society and the environment of the earth.” We will also work with the slogan of “For tomorrow’s smile” as our corporate motto. We will resolutely take on the challenges posed by changes in social structures and we will work to raise the value of the Daiwabo brand and the level of satisfaction of all our stakeholders.

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