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Shareholders and investors news

This Group aims at a full Customer Satisfaction. For the benefits of the investors, we operate on the management basis of creation of value for customers, and close reliability relations with investors, and always try to build up construction of vital enterprise culture based on self-responsibility management and self-renovation, in order to enhance the consolidated enterprise value of Daiwabo Group.
Accordingly, our Group operates on three major pillars, that is, the infrastructure, the textile, and the industrial machinery.
Under this management system, the Group management philosophy is “To create new values for the benefit of customers in the global market by synergy of creation, renovation and fusion, and to realize a future useful for human society and the environment of the earth.” By cultivating a new customer-oriented market, creating new business, and accelerating the global strategy, we are endeavoring to maximize the consolidated profits, and cash flow. This is our basic business policy.

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