Based on our Group Management Philosophy and Group Corporate Code of Conduct, our Group aims to achieve sustainable growth and enhance its medium- to long-term corporate value through the promotion of activities that can contribute to resolving environmental and social challenges by personnel ranging from management to individual employees, while also fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities.


“ESG promotion” refers to conducting business activities with consideration for various aspects of the environment and society, building stronger relationships of trust with various stakeholders through continuous improvement of corporate governance, and pursuing the expansion of corporate value. “Stakeholders” refer to parties which include society, shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, and local residents.

ESG Promotion Committee

Our company established the ESG Promotion Committee in April 2020 to respond to social demands and further enhance its ESG-related initiatives. The functions of the Committee are as follows.


  • Deliberation on our Group's ESG promotion policies, plans, and measures
  • Monitoring of our Group’s ESG activity status and effectiveness
  • Discussion of ESG-related items for our Group


In principle, meetings of this Committee are held twice a year.
ESG Promotion Conferences are also in place to discuss issues related to ESG promotion at a practical level.


  • Chair: Representative Director,
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Secretariat: ESG Promotion Group