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Social activities

Contribution to social activities

Daiwabo Group is coexisting with the local society, and is cooperating with the local society as good enterprise citizens, and is engaged in the social contribution activities aiming at construction of favorable relations with the society.

Relation with the district

Daiwabo Rayon is a promoter of activities in the city of Masuda, Shimane Prefecture. Three companies of Daiwabo Group are located in Masuda, Daiwabo Rayon, Daiwabo Polytec, and Daiwabo Engineering, and are supporting employment promoting operations of three organizations for the handicapped people in Masuda, that is, Masuda City Handicapped People Welfare Society, Masuda Local Family Society, and Masuda Friendship Association. We are presenting workshops for establishing joint working offices.
Masuda Factory of Daiwabo Rayon gifted rafting boarts to Prefectural Masuda Nursing School, and the three companies of the Group are supporting employment business of the handicapped people in Masuda district, and also managing and assisting the local organizations and supporting the activities.

Daiwabo Information System responded to the request from Osaka City, and participated in the “Clean Osaka” campaign for cleaning the public spaces around the city by the corporate members and individual members, and volunteers working in the head office building of the company are engaged in the cleaning activities around the head office building, roads and pedestrian walks. We continue to participate in activities as part of the local contribution.

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