Begins Offering Support to Partner Companies to Help Them Introduce PCs and Peripherals for STEAM Education

Oct. 22, 2021


Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.


Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Hiroyuki Matsumoto, hereafter referred to as DIS) enhances its activities for the promotion of and support for the introduction of environments for STEAM education, a cross-sectional and creative form of education that embraces both the humanities and sciences, with emphasis on fields such as mathematics, science, technology, engineering, and the arts; and promotes participation in experimental studies, as well as the introduction of PCs, peripherals, and software to retailers.


■Toward a BEYOND GIGA Society
We are now facing the advent of Society 5.0, which requires the ability to solve problems using such technologies as AI, robots, and data, in the complicated social conditions characterized by globalization, diversification, and the impact of COVID-19. Under these circumstances, there is an urgent need to develop human resources able to effectively address social challenges by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. At the same time, the creation of educational environments in which every student has their own PC is now in progress, not only in elementary and junior high but also in senior high schools, under the “GIGA School Concept”. It is our firm belief that creating environments that enable advanced education combined with state-of-the-art technologies, in addition to those created under the GIGA School Concept, is of vital importance to the development of human resources capable of confronting the challenges of the BEYOND GIGA society.


■Promoting and Supporting STEAM Educational Environments to Develop Human Resources Able to Utilize Advanced Technologies
The one-terminal-for-one-student environment is advancing and spreading as a coursework tool. In STEAM education, it is important to provide "environment support" and "utilization support," such as support for STEAM Lab environments (classroom environments equipped with high-performance PCs, 3D printers, and other peripherals, digital content creation applications, etc.) as places for creative education; as well as support for class curricula and teacher training focused on the utilization of such technologies. DIS is involved in the experimental study of the STEAM Lab platform for schools and educational institutions promoted by Intel K.K. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Kunimasa Suzuki, hereafter referred to as Intel), and is introducing the platform to schools for experimental study, as well as providing related support. As part of these activities, DIS submits proposals for the construction of STEAM Labs inside schools, with the renovation of classrooms originally intended to enable students to acquire PC skills, and the effective utilization of unused classrooms. In addition, we will support schools and educational institutions in their efforts to create and introduce new learning environments, in collaboration with partner companies across the country.

Referenced from : Intel K.K.

■On the Role of DIS
As one of Japan's largest distributors, handling IT products from 1,300 producers at home and abroad, and offering them through its nationwide sales offices, DIS provides optimal combinations of the devices and applications required for STEAM Lab environments. Over many years, DIS has accumulated critical know-how regarding the effective introduction and utilization of ICT designed for education, in collaboration with cooperating vendors, partner companies, and educational institutions across the country. Amid the accelerating transformation of the ICT market, DIS promotes and facilitates the creation of STEAM Lab environments by disseminating the latest information and its know-how to educational institutions across the country, in collaboration with partner companies in each region. 


DIS is involved in the experimental study conducted by Intel in schools and educational institutions, to promote and facilitate the creation of STEAM Labs; and determines the optimal devices and application environments for each pattern. At the same time, it supports the utilization of STEAM Labs, by holding PBL learning (project based learning) seminars for example, and submits proposals aimed at facilitating their introduction.
We are accepting applications for the experimental study, on Intel’s website, from October 23 to November 25, 2021.

URL : (This website is written in Japanese.)
We welcome applications from schools and educational institutions that agree and will cooperate with this initiative. If we receive many applications, we will execute a screening protocol.

Referenced from : Intel K.K.

Daizo Takahashi, Executive Officer, Director of Channel Sales and Partners Group of Intel K.K., stated, "Intel is promoting the introduction of learning terminals to create one-unit-for-one-person environments, develop 21st century skills, and promote STEAM/programming education, with the aim of cultivating human resources able to utilize advanced technologies for the future development of Japan.
We are pleased to recruit schools for the STEAM Lab experimental study, for the promotion of STEAM education, in collaboration with Daiwabo Information System, and look forward to receiving applications from many municipal education committees and schools. 
We will continue our efforts to provide enhanced educational environments in collaboration with Daiwabo Information System and other partner companies."

On Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
As one of Japan’s leading distributors of IT-related products, DIS supplies such products, purchased from around 1,300 makers and suppliers, both at home and abroad, to end users across the country, through our network of around 19,000 dealers in Japan. Operating roughly 90 sales bases throughout the country, we have a well-established and community-based sales system, and can respond to a wide-range of requests from our customers, as a friendly and trustworthy distributor.


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