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Jun. 23, 2021


Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.


Starting in August 2021, Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Hiroyuki Matsumoto, hereafter referred to as “DIS”) will offer VMware-based IaaS “DX virtual cloud infrastructure,” as part of its strategy to strengthen the cloud business, in collaboration with VMware K.K. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tadashi Yamanaka, hereafter referred to as “VMware”). The collaboration aims to offer an IaaS DX Virtual Cloud Infrastructure optimized for small- and medium-sized companies, based on VMware’s SDDC and utilizing VMware’s products. This new service offering will enable high cost efficiency regardless of scale of use, and help users construct usage environments ready for digital transformation, which will be capable of flexible support for the overall business process.


The need for new work styles that reflect the New Normal is increasing due to the pandemic. Along with this, market needs are rapidly changing, and business processes with flexibility and agility are figuring even more prominently in post-pandemic business strategies.


Digitalization and migration to cloud computing are effective means to produce technological enhancement of business results. However, many usage environments do not offer users the advantages these can provide, depending on the operational complexity and scale of implementation. Small-scale system users, for example, are increasingly interested in utilizing cloud computing as an asset-light system infrastructure, but flexibility specific to cloud infrastructure can be an issue for complex operational management, and the scale of deployment does not always meet the needs of small- or even medium-sized companies, making them hesitate to use cloud computing.


The DX Virtual Cloud Infrastructure that we will put on the market eliminates the scale-based barrier, through segmentation of the usage environment, for small- and medium-sized companies; as well as increasing the convenience for such companies by packaging various services, such as operations support and collaboration with AWS-native service, in the future.


We will market the DX Virtual Cloud Infrastructure as a managed service combining VMware CloudTM on AWS and VMware CloudTM Director Service; thereby promoting the creation of agile business platforms that support business growth, by offering cloud infrastructures that enable easy migration from existing on-premise environments, as well as cost efficiency, flexibility, and simplified operations, regardless of the scale of use.


Characteristics of the service


  1.  Offered on a monthly basis, based on a flexible subscription model that depends on the scale of use
  2.  Preparation of multiple menu plans, including AWS-native service, commensurate with scale of use and business needs  
  3.  Maintenance of a secure usage environment and reduction in the operational load on users, through managed service
  4.  Promotion of application modernization that strengthens the business ecosystem
  5.  Support of DX beyond migration, through cloud support organization 

   (Note: the above information includes future releases.)


As an authorized distributor of VMware and Amazon Web Service (AWS), DIS has a professional organization and nationwide sales system ideally suited to this initiative. This organization and community-based sale system, including roughly 90 bases throughout Japan, are dedicated to delivering the DX Virtual Cloud Infrastructure to companies and local governments across the country, through DIS’s roughly 19,000 dealers. In this way, DIS will contribute to the acceleration of digital transformation of Japanese companies of every size.


Masato Akiyama, Operating Officer, Senior Director TEC Business & Solution Business., stated, “VMware welcomes the offering of the DX Virtual Cloud Infrastructure based on VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud Director Service, through DIS’s dealers.


As the infrastructure is easily utilized by small- and medium-sized companies, the dealers will be able to offer cloud service to customers more easily than before, regardless of scale of use. We feel strongly that DIS and its dealers, equipped with a sales network covering every corner of Japan, will accelerate cloud computing-based digital transformation by customers of all scales of business, while we will promote cloud utilization through our partnership with DIS.


Hiroyuki Matsumoto, President of Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd., stated, “The service we will offer in collaboration with VMware will enable us to deliver a cloud infrastructure optimized for small- and medium-sized companies across the country. We will deliver an easy-to-use environment equipped with the latest architecture optimized for small- and medium-sized users hesitant to use cloud computing because of complicated operational management or scale-of-use concerns. In the future, we will also offer cloud-native service that works closely together with the public cloud. We strongly believe that we will make a significant contribution to the acceleration of digitalization in Japan by marketing this service through our 19,000 dealers across the country.


On Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
As one of Japan’s leading distributors of IT-related products, DIS supplies such products, purchased from around 1,200 makers and suppliers, both at home and abroad, to end users across the country, through our network of around 19,000 dealers in Japan. Operating roughly 90 sales bases throughout the country, we have a well-established and community-based sales system, and can respond to a wide-range of requests from our customers, as a friendly and trustworthy distributor.
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On VMware K.K. 
Software released by VMware offers support for the increasingly complicated digital infrastructures worldwide. VMware's cloud, application modernization, networking, security, and digital workspace products enable customers to deliver applications to any type of cloud, on any device. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, VMware is committed to giving back to the world, not only by providing innovative technology that enhances both business and society, but also by generating positive global impact through all that we do. 


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