Verkada Products Are Launched in Japan

Apr. 18, 2023

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
Verkada Inc.


Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DIS; Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Hiroyuki Matsumoto) has concluded a distributorship agreement with Verkada Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Verkada; Head Office: California, U.S., CEO: Filip Kaliszan) a company that continues to innovate physical security. DIS will start to sell Verkada’s integrated platform solutions, which integrate cloud AI cameras with everything from entrance/exit security and access control to indoor environment monitoring in companies, in Japan. 


With the expanding utilization of cloud networks and the acceleration of teleworking in recent years, the working environment has been diversifying as symbolized by the utilization of satellite offices and shared offices. This makes it hard for existing company security models to cope adequately with risks.


Verkada offers a cloud-based integrated security solution that provides complete support for physical security in facilities, which includes video monitoring, access control, video intercoms, air quality sensors, and visitor management.


Verkada’s platforms, which achieve seamless integration with existing PCs and mobile terminals, allow the central management of all cloud-connected devices, including doors, inside a building, from anywhere, with intuitive operability that does not require special training.


Verkada hybrid cloud videos and AI security cameras provide the industry’s longest warranty period of 10 years. In addition to being equipped with on-board storage capable of storing data for a maximum of 365 days and a cloud back-up function effective for 30 days as standard features, they achieve a long period of safety and security with the help of cloud storage that can archive videos without limit.


Verkada’s environmental sensors can detect electronic cigarettes, PM 2.5, and motion in addition to temperature, humidity, CO2, noise, and the air quality index (AQI). By linking with AI cameras, the sensors also speed up problem identification by visualizing environmental factors and detecting abnormalities.


Verkada access control protects all sites, doors, and users by combining easy-to-install hardware and easy-to-use cloud management software. The control system is designed to configure and manage all doors in a building collectively by connecting them with Verkada Command, regardless of whether they are wired, wireless, online, or offline. These functions provide and maintain a safer and smarter environment in addition to protecting employees and assets.


Verkada solutions do not need on-premises network video recorders (NVR), dedicated servers, or dedicated client PCs because they are cloud-based solutions. In addition, system managers can always use the latest functions without updating because the firmware of devices connected to the cloud is updated automatically to secure the latest security measures.


DIS delivers the security solutions offered by Verkada to users across the country through about 19,000 dealers with the help of a community-based sales system provided by a sales network with about 90 sales bases that cover every corner of Japan. At the same time, as a distributor, DIS not only provides information and technological support related to the products and the solutions but also makes strenuous efforts to expand the use of services among many partner companies and small and medium-sized companies throughout the country by improving sales activities, education and support.


Filip Kaliszan, CEO and co-founder of Verkada Inc., said, “We are very pleased to have concluded a distributorship agreement with DIS. Japan is a very important market for us not only because of its market size but also because our high-value and high-quality solutions are evaluated in the market. We are confident that our innovative architectures and solutions will help Japanese companies achieve a digital transformation (DX) and new work practices in a safer environment with the help of DIS’s powerful partner network covering the whole of Japan and with its services tailored to the Japanese market. We will continue to invest in the Asia Pacific region and look forward to supporting even more companies to help them realize the safe and smart management of buildings.”


Hiroyuki Matsumoto, President of Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd., said, “Companies are responding to the digital transformation and reform of working practices at an accelerated rate, and the introduction of telework and the utilization of cloud services is expanding. As a result, it has become important to devise measures and strengthen the environment against security risks. We offer a diverse lineup of Verkada solutions that allow a company to select the most suitable approach for their facility’s characteristics and contribute to solving the problems faced by small and medium-sized companies in Japan.”

On Verkada Inc.
Verkada is a company that offers the world’s largest cloud-based B2B physical security platforms. It offers a single solution that integrates seven product lines, namely security cameras, access control, environment sensors, alarms, visitor management, mailroom management and intercoms into a single cloud-based software platform. Verkada’s products, which have been designed in pursuit of simplicity and expandability, offer real-time insights into factors that could impact the safety and comfort of people in the entire physical environment, and help users to take immediate action. These actions enable its users to minimize security risk, workplace frustrations, and inefficiencies. Founded in 2016, Verkada has so far raised more than $360 million in capital. It has rapidly expanded its business and now have more than 15,700 customers in 70 countries including 43 Fortune 500 companies, 14 offices on three continents, and more than 1,500 employees. 
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*1 : Wireless alarm products are not yet sold in Japan. Professional monitoring is not yet available in Japanese.
*2 : Mailroom management does not support Japanese.


On Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
As one of Japan’s leading distributors of IT-related equipment, DIS supplies products, purchased from around 1,300 makers and suppliers, both at home and abroad, to end users across the country, through our network of around 19,000 dealers in Japan. Operating roughly 90 sales bases throughout the country, we have a well-established and community-based sales system, and can respond to a wide-range of requests from our customers, as a friendly and trustworthy distributor.


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