Sep. 04, 2023

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.




Daiwabo Information System is co-sponsoring the Nippon IT Charity Ekiden (multi-stage relay race) to be held in Odaiba, Tokyo on Sunday, November 19,2023 as a Platinum Sponsor. 


We will contribute to the invigoration and development of the IT industry, in support of the theme of the Nippon IT Charity Ekiden: “By taking part in this event, participants help and encourage each other to achieve a shared objective; they also support young people who will take leading roles in the future, and make common efforts to back up youths who are facing adversity.



12th Nippon IT Charity Ekiden

Event date

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Event venue

Symbol Promenade Park, Odaiba, Tokyo

Official website

Nippon IT Charity EKIDEN
(This website is written in Japanese.)