May 14, 2024

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.



As part of our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and fundamentally reform our business practices, which include reconsidering established customs, DIS no longer offers flowers or other gifts to commemorate company celebratory events; we now generally send congratulatory messages in lieu of such gifts. DIS also no longer sends New Year's greeting cards  (nengajō).


In conjunction with the above, part of the expenses previously incurred in providing flowers and other gifts are being diverted as donations to charitable causes through our Donation Program.


In fiscal year 2023, had we continued as before, we would have spent 3,775,000 yen on sending celebratory flowers, gifts and New Year's greeting cards. DIS has doubled this amount to give a total donation of 7,550,000 yen to the Japan Committee for UNICEF.