Materialities (Important Challenges) and the SDGs

Background of Materiality Review

In 2020, we identified materialities as issues that are both important to our stakeholders and have a large impact on our company.
Since then, the importance of sustainability, such as ESG and the SDGs, has been increasing worldwide, and trends that may affect our business are constantly changing, so we decided to review those materialities.


Based on international standards and guidelines such as the GRI Standards, the International <IR> Framework, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we have realigned business opportunities and risks on the two axes of “social and environmental issues to be resolved” and “Group business growth,” formulating priority issues toward fiscal 2030 as materialities.

Process of Formulating Materialities


Recognition of social challenges

Keywords were identified based on international standards and guidelines such as the GRI Standards and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). In addition, factors such as social and environmental changes were taken into account when identifying business areas that are or may be related to our Group.


Designation of hypothetical themes

Keywords related to social challenges and social change were classified by theme, materiality elements were summarized, and hypothetical themes were designated after discussion at ESG Promotion Conferences, based on consistency with our Group's Management Philosophy, Corporate Code of Conduct, and other resources. The following items were considered as materiality elements.

  • Viewpoints of challenges which have been the subject of ESG promotion by our Group over the past year
  • Viewpoints of challenges pointed out to us by stakeholders in the past
  • Viewpoints of our Group’s evaluation by ESG evaluation organizations


Formulation of materialities

These materialities were formulated after discussion by the ESG Promotion Committee chaired by our Representative Director, and the Board of Directors.

Evaluation of activities over the passage of time, and their review

Our materiality formulation process is evaluated and reviewed by ESG Promotion Conferences and the ESG Promotion Committee every year. These reviews ensure the appropriateness of our designated issues and plans.


Group ESG Activities

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