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1.Scope of use

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2.Prohibited matters

  1. Any act harmful to the assets, property or other rights of a third party or our company.
  2. Any act that harms the honor or dignity of a third party or our company, or that causes demerit or injury.
  3. Any law-violating act, or acts that are against public morals or lead to crime.
  4. Any act relating to false declaration or deemed unjust by our company.

3.Precautions for handling this content

This content is presented for the purpose of improving one’s understanding of our company. We are very careful about correct and up-to-date disclosure of information, including forward-looking statements, but the information may no longer be the latest following the time of disclosure, and we cannot guarantee that the information is always complete. We are not responsible for any errors or inconvenience arising from this content. In particular, forward-looking statements may be radically different from actual outcomes depending on various factors.
The products and services posted on this site may not be presented equally in all countries or regions. The products may be presented under different trade names or the like depending on the country. For any inquiries about the use of products and services posted in this site, please feel free to contact our inquiries desk.


Customers are responsible for their use and viewing of the site, and our company and related companies engaged in creation and distribution of this site will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from access to or use of this site and its contents (including computer problems or the like, whether directly or indirectly), nor for any repair fees or other expenses.
The information given on the site is subject to change without prior notice, and please also be aware that operation of this site may be suspended or ended at any time. Whatever the reason may be, our company will not be liable for any loss caused by changes to the information on the site or interruption or suspension of operation of the site.
Our company is not responsible for the content of any other website linked to from this site.

5.Non-solicitation of buying or selling of securities

This site is not for the purpose of buying or selling stocks and securities issued by our company or related companies, or solicitations to purchase derived products. This content is not compiled for the purpose of investment advice relating to buying or selling of securities of our company or related companies.
The information on this site is created from the latest information available at the time, on the basis of management judgment under specific preliminary conditions, and it must be understood that the content may differ under various conditions, and the viewers of this site are advised not to analyze or judge only according to the contents thereof.

6.Linked websites

Our company does not inspect or check the content of third-party websites linked to from this site (hereinafter called linked sites). As such, our company will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the content of linked sites or arising from use of linked sites. The act of linking from this site to other sites belonging to third parties does not imply guarantee of the products or services of the linked sites, and the information given on linked sites is not guaranteed or recognized by our company.

7.Information provided by customers

Our company takes the utmost care when handling the personal information of customers. We make our best effort to enhance the security of this site and information management within the company in order to prevent improper access to or leakage of information.
However, customers are advised to note that the content of this site and the information presented by e-mail are treated as non-confidential general information. You must agree that provided information is handled as follows.


  1. Collection and utilization
    Our company may utilize the personal information provided by customers of this site to our company within the scope of use advised to the customers at the time of information provision. The information may be utilized by our company for product development or marketing activities.
  2. Disclosure to third parties
    Our company does not disclose or provide customer personal information to any third party without prior consent of the customer. However, this obligation is exempted when customer personal information is provided to related companies for the purpose of the first clause above, or disclosed to a contracted shipping company or e-mailing company when shipping products, sending e-mails, or otherwise based on appropriate reasons.
    Our company may present information about our products or services to customers. If this is reported as undesired or a correction to customer information is required, our company will respond promptly when the report or request is received.
  3. Appropriate management of information
    Our company requires related companies and contracted companies to handle personal information of customers appropriately as set out in the previous clause when providing or disclosing said personal information, and prohibits disclosure of personal information to any third party or for use in purposes other than those specified in the first clause.


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