CSR of the Daiwabo Group

Daiwabo has a long history. We have continuously undergone change after change to cope with trying economic tides and waves.
During this time, we have learned that it is most important to carry out our business activities in harmony with society and the environment. As such, we have established corporate social responsibility as an important axis of our business activities.

  1. Aiming for environmental management
    Environmental issues are the most pressing challenge for the planet, and they are also an important challenge for the industrial world.
    The Daiwabo Group is striving for conservation of the global environment through business activities that are friendly to both people and the environment, and such activities are essential if we are to lead healthy, culturally-rich lives.
    We believe that the environmental activities of the Group ultimately lead to the strengthening of our enterprise. We are putting our full effort into reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, effective utilization of limited natural resources, development of environmentally friendly products, safe management of chemical substances, and activities to reduce our environmental impact.
    Additionally, our environmental management is further deepened by green technology that supports the environmental activities of our customers, and we continue to be a growing company that contributes to conservation of the global environment.

  2. To be responsible to society
    Social responsibility has always been an important management topic for the company, and the whole Group is committed to this.
    We have learned much from society through social responsibility activities. We aim to be more closely linked to society, and we value coexistence with society. We pledge to be good corporate citizens, and continue to operate and manage our business soundly with a strong ethical philosophy.

  3. Presenting good and useful products with sincerity
    We have been manufacturing products and offering services focused on the customer’s perspective since the establishment of the company. We produce goods that meet the demands and expectations of our customers, and continually strengthen our efforts to assure the quality and safety of our products in all processes, while also considering the distinctive characteristics of our products and services. In addition, we are enhancing our overall strengths, including speed and cost, throughout our operation of the business.

Basic Stance on ESG

The Daiwabo Group has established its Group Management Philosophy and Group Charter of Corporate Behavior to express its basic stance, purpose, and values. These include our ideas concerning ESG. Our mission as a Group, together with all our stakeholders, is to build a better, more prosperous human society that exists in harmony with the global environment. In line with the Group Management Philosophy and Charter of Corporate Behavior, our management is based on putting the customer first, and we regard consideration toward ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria as an instrumental contributor to improvement of corporate value. As such, we are striving to achieve sustainable growth across the Group with ESG activities in the form of “sustainability actions.”


Opportunities to Help Solve Social Challenges through Business Activities

IT Infrastructure Distribution Business

  • Promotion of IT adoption and diffusion through nationwide sales network
  • Efforts to computerize education
  • Providing a new space for business collaboration at the subscription management portal iKAZUCHI

Fiber Business

  • Development of biodegradable fibers and other products that contribute to reducing environmental impact
  • Product development that achieves both functionality and sustainability, by replacing the raw materials used in functional products with low-environmental-impact materials and recycled materials

Industrial Machinery Business

  • Providing manufacturing technology and quality through parts for aircraft engines/the energy sector and machine tools for railway wheel maintenance