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967,760 million yen



IT infrastructure




Industrial machinery




*The Fiber business became independent from the Daiwabo Group on March 27, 2024.

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IT Infrastructure Distribution Business

Total support for IT environments as one of Japan's largest distributors

IT infrastructure distribution business is operated by the Daiwabo Information Systems (DIS) Group. As an independent multi-vendor company, DIS offers optimal solutions tailored to customer needs, with a complete range of combinations of IT products and services from around the world. DIS expanded its sales offices and distribution bases throughout Japan to provide face-to-face service to customers in all regions. Through its nationwide sales partners, DIS delivers IT-related products that are widely used by private companies, government agencies, local governments, schools, medical institutions, and consumers. DIS will continue to respond to the diversifying and increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers amid rapidly changing times by providing comprehensive services and support.

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Fiber Business

We are fiber and textile manufacturers pursuing high added value in our products, ranging from clothing and customer products to industrial materials

The Daiwabo Group is focusing on research and development in the field of fibers and textiles, which holds a variety of possibilities, such as wide-ranging applications as raw materials and in aiding the needs of a recycling-oriented society. We are creating high value-added products that make use of sustainable materials as well as functional and unique materials. In addition to clothing products, we handle a wide range of other products, from everyday materials, such as materials for diapers, to industrial materials such as waterproof sheets for construction sites. These diverse offerings include raw cotton, nonwoven fabrics and finished products.

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Industrial Machinery Business

An Elite Group of Technical Artisans Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Machinery of All Industries

The industrial machinery business is operated by the O-M Group. O-M mainly manufactures and sells machine tools such as the vertical lathe, a “mother machine” for all industries including the aerospace industry, for which O-M has earned solid customer trust through its long tradition of skills and technology, and the wheel lathe, which supports safety and comfort in railways. O-M also manufactures and sells automatic packaging machines, which are actively used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as other industries. O-M will continue to respond to the diversifying needs of its customers by providing high-precision machines that are ahead of the times, created using its advanced technologies and original concepts.

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