Daiwabo Holdings Co., Ltd. as a pure holding company for a corporate group that leverage their unique strengths in their respective business sectors centered on the IT infrastructure distribution business, is responsible for promoting the optimal portfolio for maximizing corporate value.
While clarifying the authority and responsibility of each operating company, we are cultivating a sense of unity by formulating a Group strategy and optimizing the allocation of management resources and promoting swift decision-making and the strengthening of governance.

DAIWABO INFORMATION SYSTEM CO., LTD.(DIS), a core company in the IT infrastructure distribution business, such as in establishing an immediate response and immediate delivery system ahead of other companies in the rapidly expanding PC market, has been taking on new business areas in the constantly changing IT industry and has been responding to the diverse needs of its business partners nationwide with a one-stop solution since its establishment in 1982.
 As a result, DIS has grown to become one of the largest IT distributors in Japan by working closely with IT manufacturers around the world as an independent multi-vendor company and establishing a system to provide all kinds of products and services in optimal combinations. DIS also gained the trust of its business partners through face-to-face sales proposals.

O-M Ltd., the industrial machinery business, which has roots in the machinery division of Daiwabo Co., Ltd., has been consolidated through mergers, and focuses on the machine tool and automatic machine manufacturing businesses. In the area of vertical lathes, which are used mainly in the heavy and chemical industries, and particularly in parts processing for aircraft engines, we have gained a high share of the market thanks to our well-regarded craftsmanship.


All these businesses have improved their competitiveness in their respective markets by constantly adapting to the times.
In addition, it become an important turning point that fiber business, which is the origin of company name and responsible by Daiwabo Co., Ltd. as the predecessor the Company, was made independent from the Group on March 27, 2024, in order for mutual sustainable growth. 
This responsiveness not bounded by conventional system and belief is the Group’s greatest strength.

Connecting people and society to the future with our value chain


This is the Daiwabo Group’s Purpose (our existence) defined in 2023.
The group plays an important role in the value chains of a wide range of social activities, and we create value by playing an important role creating and maintaining business connections between people, companies, and local communities. In response to catch changes in the business environment and values, we reiterate to make a wide range of contributions to creating a more comfortable future society as a group.
Based on this Purpose, we aim to be a company that is important to all stakeholders, aiming for management that balances the resolution of social issues and sustainable improvement of corporate value.

We appreciate your continued support.

Representative Director,
President and
Chief Executive Officer

Yukihiro Nishimura