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Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Hiroyuki Matsumoto, hereafter referred to as “DIS”) has concluded a distributorship agreement for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite&™), which is the integrated workspace of Google Cloud™, and begins providing Google Workspace in Japan.


The agreement enables DIS to offer excellent collaborations and productivity improvement solutions, made possible by Google Workspace, to the Japanese domestic market, through DIS dealers. 


At the same time, DIS enables users to achieve smooth management and operation of accounts and pay-as-you-go charges, by offering Google Workplace through iKAZUCHI, which is the subscription management portal managed by DIS. We will upgrade and expand the sales support, education support, and support systems for Google Cloud solutions, and let our traditional business infrastructure handle these solution supports. Through these activities, we will contribute to the spread of the related services among even more partner companies and users, by implementing a development policy tailored to Japanese business practices. 


Today, with the spread of the new coronavirus, there is a growing need to maintain social distance; meaning that, in corporate activities, there is even greater demand for the introduction of remote work and a paperless environment, with digitalization facilitating this transition. At the same time, collaborations and productivity improvement solutions are taking on increasing importance for achieving a paperless environment. 


DIS supplies companies and local governments across the country with Google Workspace, through its community-based nationwide sales system consisting of our roughly 90 business bases and 19,000 dealers. By promoting these activities, we contribute to productivity improvement in Japanese companies. 


In addition, we have begun to supply ‘rakumo for Google Workspace’, which is a cloud-based extension tool offered by rakumo Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Daisuke Mitarai, hereafter referred to as “rakumo”), which is a partner of Google Workspace. 


We will continue promoting high-value-added Google Workspace utilization, tailored to the Japanese market, by strengthening alliances with Google Workspace partners.


Masato Takahashi, Director of Partnerships at Google Cloud Japan, states, “Today, we express our heartfelt thanks to Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. for participating in our marketing activities as an authorized distributor. Motivated by the participation of Daiwabo Information System, we will make even more efforts to supply Google Workspace and Chromebook™ to customers nationwide, and work hand in hand with Daiwabo Information System and its resellers to satisfy the rapidly growing needs of workstyle reform.” 

On Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
As one of Japan’s leading distributors of IT-related products, DIS supplies such products, purchased from around 1,200 makers and suppliers, both at home and abroad, to end users across the country, through our network of around 19,000 dealers in Japan. Operating roughly 90 sales bases throughout the country, we have a well-established and community-based sales system, and can respond to a wide-range of requests from our customers, as a friendly and trustworthy distributor.
URL : https://www.pc-daiwabo.co.jp/english/


Please see the official website of Google Workspace for details.


On rakumo Inc.
rakumo Inc. supplies cloud-based extension tools that increase the sophistication of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). rakumo for Google Workspace comprises a lineup of six products that expand and complement the functions of Google Workspace, including a workflow system, attendance management, and calendar suitable for Japanese companies’ organizational systems. At present, more than 1,800 companies and more than 750,000 licensees are using the rakumo series.
URL: https://rakumo.com/


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