Collects Dealer Service Usage Fees With No Handling Charges, by Expanding the Function of iKAZUCHI Payment Collection

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.


As of June 1, 2020, Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as DIS: Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President: Hiroyuki Matsumoto) expanded its iKAZUCHI Payment Collection service, an agency service for collecting dealer customer usage fees for DIS subscription cloud services, to offer this service to its dealers for the collection of such usage fees for their own services.


We have been offering iKAZUCHI Payment Collection, our agency service for the collection of usage fees for our cloud services, since June 2019. We have now expanded its function, to enable the collection of payments for services that dealers offer independently, such as introduction support and paid services, in an integrated manner, without handling charges.
This functional expansion enables our dealers to efficiently offer a wide variety of subscription services to more customers.
We will continue to improve the environment of contract management and efficient operation for dealers that offer subscription-based business, and will make efforts to promote and expand such business.

  • This agency service is available only for customers who collect usage fees for subscription cloud services offered by DIS. A prescribed fee is required in order to collect the usage fees for such services.
  • 'Own services' refers to all services subject to fee collection, but which have not been purchased from DIS.
  • Showa Leasing Co., Ltd. collects fees as the collection agency through collaboration with DIS.

■What the expanded iKAZUCHI function enables

  • Agency collection of fees for services like maintenance support, which dealers offer independently
     - Agency collection of multiservice fees that combine Microsoft 365 DIS offers and support menus
     - e-mail notification to customers about scheduled billing amounts by direct debit
  • Support for dealers’ subscription business
     - Dealers can offer their own solutions on a monthly or yearly fee basis

For reference: Guide to iKAZUCHI Payment Collection
URL: website is written in Japanese.)


■What is iKAZUCHI?
iKAZUCHI is a subscription management portal, including cloud services, designed for DIS dealers. It enables them to reduce the order-rated man-hours required for their diversifying subscription cloud services, and achieve integrated management of their customers and continuous stock business contacts based on monthly and yearly fees. As of May 2020, it was utilized by 38 vendors and included 107 services.


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Personal Computer / Office Automation Machine Sales

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