Launch “DX Application Development Environment” Based on IBM Cloud Pak Products

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Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Hiroyuki Matsumoto, hereafter referred to as “DIS”) and IBM Japan, Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Akio Yamaguchi, hereafter referred to as “IBM Japan”) has agreed to enhance support for DX (Digital Transformation) development for development partners and solution vendors that utilize advanced technology. Under this agreement, DIS will sequentially provide the "DX Application Development Environment" from August 2020, which enables operation in a multi-cloud environment, based on IBM Cloud Pak products including Red Hat OpenShift.


In order to respond to new work styles called new normal such as expanding the use of telework by the COVID-19 and the future business continuity, the digitization and cloud computing realization with agility, resilience and flexibility by an open and consistent IT architecture is being demanded more quickly than ever. One of the necessary elements to support this acceleration of cloud computing is the rapid development of cloud-native applications.


Since the "DX Application Development Environment" to be provided this time is based on Red Hat OpenShift included in the IBM Cloud Pak product, when using a solution owned by development partners or solution vendors (ISV) in the cloud, that the portability of "once created, it works anywhere" will be realized not depend on the cloud vendor's specifications. Furthermore, IBM Cloud Paks also leverages containerized IBM middleware and the common function of development and management capabilities, significantly reducing development, change, management and operations, and speeding time to market with new features.

DIS, as a co-sponsor of the "DX Challenge 2020" by IBM Japan, assists the provision of this development environment, as well as DX initiatives support for participating partners and post-development sales support, and will contribute to collaboration promotion among partner companies, creation of new solutions and expansion of sales opportunities.


Companies are accelerating IT modernization and hybrid/multi-cloud adoption by using open source software. Developers are using the latest technologies such as containers and Kubernetes to realize digital transformation, and are closely watching the use of mechanisms that can support the rapid development and deployment of cloud-native applications. In the “DX Application Development Environment”, DevSecOps, which enables rapid build/test and deployment, has been adopted and it is promoted value creation through continuous delivery.


■ Features of "DX Application Development Environment”
"DX Application Development Environment" is a container application development environment platform utilizing IBM Cloud Pak for Applications and IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management, and supports design and implementation of development method such as utilization of container technology different from conventional application development, selection of open source technology, and efficient deployment method. By utilizing this environment, developers can shorten development time and develop applications of microservice architecture as well as modernize existing applications to cloud native applications, and will always be able to utilize this advanced environment and evolution. In the future, in addition to providing a development environment, we will provide know-how information and expand the menu to support developers, through digital tools, contents, web seminars and others. DIS will continue to collaborate with IBM Japan and partner companies nationwide to support corporate digital transformation.

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