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IT infrastructure distribution business is operated by the Daiwabo Information System (DIS) Group.

As an independent multi-vendor company, DIS offers optimal solutions tailored to customer needs, with a complete range of combinations of IT products and services from around the world. DIS expanded its sales offices and distribution bases throughout Japan to provide face-to-face service to customers in all regions. Through its nationwide sales partners, DIS delivers IT-related products that are widely used by private companies, government agencies, local governments, schools, medical institutions, and consumers. DIS will continue to respond to the diversifying and increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers amid rapidly changing times by providing comprehensive services and support.

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The three strengths of DIS are in its multi-vendor nature, community-based marketing, and one-stop services. DIS handles products from approximately 1,400 companies around the world and does not specialize in specific manufacturers. By collaborating with each manufacturer to provide information and sales support, DIS is able to offer optimal proposals to customers. We also have a nationwide sales network of 96 bases, and have built a sales support base for our approximately 19,000 sales partners that meets the diverse needs and business customs of each industry and area. Another major feature of the DIS Group is its ability to provide one-stop technical and logistics services. By leveraging these strengths, DIS is not only a wholesaler, but also one of Japan's largest IT distributors with a wide range of strengths, chosen by customers nationwide and manufacturers around the world as a cooperative partner.


DIS defines PC market share as a key business indicator. In the fiscal year ended March 2024, we captured 28.0% of the entire domestic market of PCs and 37.6% of the domestic corporate PC market. In other words, DIS is involved in at least one out of Three PCs distributed to domestic corporations. DIS promotes its business by focusing on the terminals that provide the interface between IT and people.

* Domestic PC market share is calculated based on the results of a survey conducted by MM Research Institute, Ltd.

iDATEN is the IT industry's largest electronic commerce (B2B) system that connects our customers with DIS. For IT-related products of manufacturers handled by DIS, we make operations more efficient through the search, estimate, order placement, and delivery confirmation functions, and accelerate the business of our sales partners through enhanced sales support functions. We also provide them a diverse variety of information, including information on exhibitions, seminars and other events held by DIS throughout Japan, and example solutions, thereby supporting their proposals for end users.

iKAZUCHI is a subscription management portal provided by DIS. Subscription (continuous billing) businesses are expected to expand in a wide range of fields, as they can offer the latest services at low cost. By using iKAZUCHI, our sales partners can take advantage of subscription businesses based on cloud services to reduce the amount of time spent on ordering, and the portal also offers a variety of continuous contract options, including annual, monthly, and pay-as-you-go, as well as centralized management of user information.

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