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Industrial Machinery Business

Industrial Machinery Business (Machine Tool Section)

Vertical Lathes / Turning Centers
O-M’s vertical lathes have given the company an outstanding reputation in this field, both domestically and internationally. With outstanding high-rigidity, high-precision and usability, our vertical lathes are used as mother machines in a variety of felds. With table diameters varying from 900 mm to 8,500 mm and a varied lineup that includes turning centers with multiple functions, we are able to respond to diverse production configurations.

Specialized Machines
We exercise our know-how, which has been built up over many years through the development of a variety of machine tools, in our specialized machines for processing crank shafts in car engines and crank axles in large ship engines. These include specialized machine tools used in maintenance work for train carriages, and such machine tools have made a significant contribution to improvements in railway safety and comfort.

Vertical Lathes

Industrial Machinery Business (Automatic Machinery Section)

Cartoning Machines
We have a varied model lineup for each purpose and application, including vertical cartoning machines that can respond to a wide variety of contents and cartons, high speed horizontal cartoning machines that possess a high hourly output capacity appropriate for packaging foodstuffs, and compact horizontal intermittent motion cartoning machines aimed at pharmaceuticals.
We have installed Japan’s first rotary dispensing mechanism in our high speed horizontal cartoning machines, helping to achieve stable aperture performance and improved speed.

Intermediate Packaging Machines
We manufacture over-wrapping machines by films after individually packing a prescribed number of products. We can also reduce your packing material costs.

Corrugated Cardboard Casers
We manufacture both a sack carton type cardboard caser, to supply pro ducts in a cardboard case w ith a side bulge, and a wraparound type to allow assembly of the case during product packaging. Our high speed wraparound cardboard caser for cans and bottles possesses technolog y that allows the safe supply of tall cans and bottles, and has an excellent reputation.

Custom Machines
We also deal with special packaging machines for certain industries and products. We produce and deliver various special machines which customize optimum functions in accordance with the type of customer’s production, such rotary die-cutting machine as efficiently cutting “nonwoven fabric”, “plastic film”, & “paper” at high speed and dry ice compressing machine.

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