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Fiber Business

The fiber business that is made up from Daiwabo business compani es has bases both in Japan and overseas and handles a wide range of fib er products such as fiber materials for hygienic materials, industrial materials, apparel and life materials.

Chemical Synthetic Fiber Section

The chemical synthetic fiber section of our business supplies sy nthetic fibers, rayon fibers, nonwoven fabric and nonwoven fabric products for v ariouslifestyle situations.
The main synthetic fiber product is the“ NBF” used in hygiene materials such aspaper diapers and sanitary napkins and the main nonwoven produc t is the “Apitas®” used in lifestyle materials such as baby wipes. These are prod uctsthat are used directly on human skin and have continued to advance as newfunctions have been added with a focus on “safety and reassurance.” The extension of the products to cosmetic applications such as face masks is also being accelerated.
For rayon fibers, the move to higher functionality for apparel a pplications has progressed and the products are used as materials for products with particular merits. In recent years, we have launched the “SOFTRAY®” product, which has the finest fibers among the regenerated cellulose products. This product has been extended to a wide range of applications such as apparel products and nonwoven products.
We utilize our strength in developing materials for synthetic fi bers and rayon fibers, our engineering abilities to process these fibers into no nwoven fabric and also our ability to make proposals to extend the materials to actual products, in order to offer original products with an integrated development, production and sales system.

Function Materials Section

The functional materials section of our business focusses on su pplying the optimal products a nd services i n a variety of in dustrial s ectors such as chemicals, electronics, automobiles and civil engineering and is developing global operations for the sake of a “prosperous future for the Earth.” In the area of canvas, our dryer canvas and forming fabric for papermaking have superior air permeability and durability and have been highly e valuated by paper manufacturers. Also, in the area of industrial materials, our materials are in action in a wide range of applications from industrial appli cations to applications in the home, including with the cartridge filters t hat are essential for environmental protection in the chemical, electronic and fo od industries and with filters for household use. We have also used our high t echnological strength to develop products for use in many other applications in the industrial materials area, including civil engineering materials such as greening nets, the canvas used for applications such as tents, high quality rubber sponge that is used in a wide variety of applications such as automobi le components and household electrical goods and also wetsuits for diving.

Apparel and Life Materials Section

Our apparel and life materials section is focused on amenity, c omfort, and safety, and offers various products such as functional innerwear , high-density cloth, and comfortable outerwear, as well as services. We also offer optimized supply chains coupled with our extensive knowledge of distribution, based on our integrated production system, which processes raw materials to finished products through the cooperation of the development and product ion bases located in Japan and overseas. We are building new commercial d istribution networks by forming alliances that go beyond national and industry borders. In addition, as we thoroughly understand our materials, we value the importance of keeping in touch with our customers and provide products and services that are beyond customers’ expectations. We will also work to repeatedly earn the smiles of our customers in order to create a brand that offers reliability. We are strengthening our operation bases even further, in order to pro vide both high-quality products and cost competitiveness at the global level, and we are also exploring new sectors by developing unique products with h ealth and environmental themes, such as medical skin care and environment al cleanup products.

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