1. IR Activities Policy
    The Daiwabo Group Charter of Corporate Behavior states: “We will establish good relationships through open communication with society and disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner.” We take a fair and sincere approach to providing corporate information to investors. We will disclose accurate, fair and timely information in accordance with the corporate information disclosure system under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the “Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities and the Like” (hereinafter, “Timely Disclosure Rules”) stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    We will actively disclose information that falls under the rules on the listing of securities as well as information deemed important by us regarding the Company’s business activities.
  2. Information Disclosure Method
    Information that is subject to timely disclosure under the Timely Disclosure Rules is disclosed on the timely information disclosure system (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We view the IR website as an important source of information for shareholders and investors, and we will also disclose information that is not subject to timely disclosure under the Timely Disclosure Rules in as positive and fair a manner as possible if it is determined to assist shareholders and investors in their understanding.
  3. Silent Period
    In order to prevent the leakage of financial information and ensure fairness, the Company maintains a silent period beginning two weeks before financial results are announced. During this period, we will refrain from responding to or commenting on any questions related to financial results. However, in the event of any significant change in our earnings forecast during this period of silence, we will publish it as appropriate in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.
  4. Forward-Looking Statements
    The current plans, forecasts and strategies of the Company listed on the IR website are forward-looking statements based on certain assumptions and beliefs in light of the information currently available to the Company management. Please note that these forecasts include risks and uncertainties, and that actual results may differ from these forecasts due to various factors, including economic trends, rapid fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and raw material prices, and abnormal weather conditions.