*The details given here correspond to the plan as of May 2021. See here for actual results.

Medium-Term Management Plan

- Period covered: Three-year plan from fiscal year ending March 2022 to fiscal year ending March 2024

- Publication date: May 13, 2021

Positioning of the Medium-Term Management Plan

  1. A period of challenge towards “business model reform” aimed at sustainable growth
  2. Contributions to the resolution of social issues through business with an ESG perspective
  3. Maximization of the human resource value that will create the future



Basic Group Policy

  1. The creation of next generation growth drivers
  2. Contributions to the creation of a new society as a leading company
  3. Reform of management foundations



Revenue Indicators

(billion yen)
2022/3 2023/3 2024/3
Net Sales 820 830 875
Operating Profit 28.5 28.6 31.4
Operating profit margin 3.5% 3.5% 3.6%

Group Management Indicators

Return On Equity (ROE)

14% or higher

Return on invested capital (ROIC)

11-12% level maintenance

Cash Allocation Policy

<Basic policy>

  • We will aim to enhance shareholder returns appropriately.
  • We will make growth investments in new areas while continuing to invest towards the sustainable growth of existing business.
  • We will prepare for strategic product procurement and unforeseen circumstances while securing a certain level of liquidity on hand.



We will make a stable dividend of 60 yen per share (including interim dividends) our basic policy and also consider dividend increases matched to our cash situation.

Growth investment
in existing areas

We will invest in equipment towards the sustainable growth of existing business and implement marketing, R&D and the hiring of human resources.


Growth investment
in new areas

We will start to consider business partnerships and M&A to nurture new business pillars, centered on DX-related areas where market growth is expected.


Acquisition of
treasury stock

We will consider the flexible acquisition of treasury stock in accordance with the market environment.




Securing of
liquidity on hand

Securing of liquidity on hand in readiness for fund demand in association with strategic product procurement in IT Infrastructure Distribution Business and unforeseen circumstances.

Business Strategy - IT Infrastructure Distribution Business

  1. Acquisition of share in each category in IT device distribution

 - Efficient proposals using information infrastructure and the building of a support system
 - Pursuit of competitive superiority based on partnerships in each area
 - Wide-ranging implementation of proposals and support for the transition to ICT in the education sector


  1. Implementation and strengthening of high-level support functions

 - Implementation of technical and proposal capabilities in response to various needs such as NW toughening
 - Creation of new business driving force based on the development of a group of high quality engineers


  1. Branding as a cloud distributor

 - Functional expansion of iKAZUCHI and expansion of the user base
 - Expansion of share in the SaaS market and acquisition of foundation business based on mega cloud proposals


  1. Productivity improvements in the supply chain as a whol

 - Realization of the strengthening and greater efficiency of sales activities using RPA and BI tools
 - Sales expansion based on potential customer selection using MA and tactical support
 - Continued pursuit of low-cost operatio

Net Sales Plan

Operating Profit Plan

Business Strategy - Fiber Business

  1. Reform into a company satisfying to work at centered on ESG

 - Prevention of the reoccurrence of fraud based on the promotion of compliance and the strengthening of internal control
 - Reduction of CO2 emissions and implementation of regular environmental audits
 - Environmentally friendly-type product development, including biodegradable, biomass and recycling
 - Greater business efficiency based on work environment improvements, human resource education and use of IT


  1. Strengthening of the development of unique materials based on the deep plowing of fiber strategy

 - Cross-sectional R&D system based on the new establishment of Technology and Development Division
 - Sales expansion using functional materials and sustainable materials
 - Horizontal development across the Group of materials and post-processing technology
 - Expansion of R&D areas based on industry-academia-government collaboration


  1. Business activities conscious of invested fund efficiency

 - Sales expansion of synthetic fiber cotton using R&D
 - Consolidation of Izumo Plant production bases towards increased sales of industrial materials
 - Reduction of number of months for inventory turnover based on the reduction of long-term inventories and appropriate management
 - Reinforcement through business restructuring in product business

Net Sales Plan

Operating Profit Plan

Business Strategy - Industrial Machinery Business

  1. Business expansion into potential markets in machine tools

 - Handling of changes in the energy industry due to decarbonization
 - Acquisition of demand for 5G-related small scale power generation equipment and offshore wind power generation
 - Handling of domestic and foreign demand for dedicated railway equipment
 - Expansion of proposal-type sales leading to improvements in user operations


  1. Capture of demand for packaging machine automation in automatic machinery

 - Quality improvements and cost reductions based on the standardization of automatic supply devices
 - Improvement of competitiveness in the market for the Chinese chemical industry
 - Participation in new markets such as online shopping and the logistics industry
 - Development of new products and new devices in response to manpower reduction needs


  1. Improvement of profitability by strengthening services

 - Construction of a service system through a service improvement project
 - Handling of customer needs based on retrofit and overhaul proposals
 - Acceleration of initial handling based on service contact office development
 - Expansion of service business including annual railway inspections

Net Sales Plan

Operating Profit Plan