Daiwabo Holdings Co., Ltd. announces that it has issued an integrated report that integrates financial and non-financial information.

The purpose of issuing this report is to communicate in an easy-to-understand manner our various efforts to enhance corporate value, including the purpose of the group's existence , our value creation process over the medium to long term, and our business model and business strategy.


We will continue to place importance on communication with all of our stakeholders and strive to enhance information disclosure so that our stakeholders can gain a deeper understanding of our group through the Integrated Report, as well as to further enhance our corporate value with the aim of achieving sustainable growth.

Main points

■Our purpose 
This section introduces the history of our group, which has grown and developed its business in response to the needs and challenges of society.
In the message from the top message from the president, we present our vision, and explain the value creation process and materiality to achieve it.


■Value creation strategy
This section presents an evaluation of our Mid-Term Management Plan by the director in charge of the plan, and explains the plan from the perspective of each of our businesses. We also introduce our efforts to secure and strengthen our capital, which is the source of our business.

■Value creation foundation 
This section introduces our corporate governance initiatives. The Outside Directors roundtable  provides an objective assessment of governance effectiveness, sustainability, and expectations for the future from an outside perspective.


■Release date of the English version
December 11, 2023