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CSR (corporate social responsibility)

Coexistence with the earth and the society

Daiwabo has a long history.So far, we have repeated change afte r change to cope with the drastic economic tides and waves.
In this period, we learned it is most important to operate enterprise activities through harmony with the society and the environment. Hence, the corporate social responsibility is established as an im portant ax is of the business activities.

Aiming at environment management.

The environmental problems are the most important issues for th e earth, and are also important for the industrial world.
The Daiwabo Group is working through business activities that are “People-friendly and environment-friendly” to strive for the preservation of the global environment, which will be essential if we are to lead a healthy and cultural life.
We believe that the environmental activities of the Group, the environmental activities are finally related to the fortification of the enterprise activities. We are putting all efforts in reduction of emission of greenhouse e ffect gas, effective ut ilization of li mited n atural re sources, development of environment-friendly products, safe management of chemical substances, and environmental impact lowering activities.
Further, the environment management is further deepened by the green technology supporting the environmental activities of the custo mers, and we continue to be a growing company contributing to conservation o f the environment of the earth.

To be responsible for the society.

Conventionally, social responsibility is an important managemen t subject for the company, and we are all devoted to this subject.
We have learned lots of things from the society through these activities. We try to be more closely related with the society, and respect the coexistence with the society. We promise to be good enterprise citizens, and con tinue to operate and manage soundly with a high ethical philosophy.

We present good and useful products with sincerity.

We have been manufacturing products and presenting services from the standpoint of customers ever since the establishment of the company. We produce goods meeting the demands and expectations of the customers, and fortify actions for assuring quality and safety of products in all processes, while considering the characteristics of the merchandise and the service. In addition, we manage while enhancing the compressive power including speed and cost.

CSR is a key word for the corporate management in order to continue to be a company trusted and selected by the people and the society all the time.

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